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What is the orthocaps system?

The functional principle of orthocaps tooth alignment comes from the example set by nature. We successfully use the principle of gentle force in modern aesthetic tooth straightening with the orthocaps system. Using changing and individually adjusted clear plastic trays called “Twin Aligners”®, gentle pressure is exerted on the teeth that need to be straightened.

Who can benefit from orthocaps?

Having beautiful teeth is not a matter of age. Children and adolescents are not the only ones who wear braces. Today, more and more adults are also making the decision to straighten their teeth. The gentle force of orthocaps aligners regulates every type of tooth malpositioning painlessly and without restricting your daily routine.

About orthocaps

orthocaps aligners, the invisible braces for adults and teenagers, were developed by the orthodontist Dr Wajeeh Khan. His vision continues to drive further development and fine-tuning of orthocaps invisible braces.