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Become a practitioner

Tooth alignment with orthocaps A worthwhile decision.

As a certified orthocaps practitioner, you can start taking advantage right away of the many advantages of a tooth alignment system for adults with a future. We want to provide practitioners with the newest orthocaps products and thus accompany them so that they can work with orthocaps under the best possible conditions. We see the potential of an innovative orthocaps treatment in collaboration between orthodontists and orthocaps specialists. As an orthocaps practitioner, you form a trust relationship with your patients. They benefit from a new standard of aesthetics and efficiency in the field of adult tooth alignment. You gain new patients and have visible success with the Twin Aligner® system, the invisible braces by orthocaps.


orthocaps offers training in the use of the Twin Aligner® system throughout Germany. You practically and comprehensively master new medical and technical advances as part of your certification as an orthocaps practitioner. Orthocaps practitioner meetings and trade fairs promote professional exchanges and the presentation of orthocaps throughout the world. You benefit from experience, are a part of a professional network and thus optimise your own success as a practitioner.


As an orthocaps practitioner, you are attentively and individually looked after. The orthocaps competence team is on your side to advise and accompany you. For the entire duration of treatment, orthocaps will actively support you in the success of your treatments. Thanks to the most modern communication technologies, orthocaps specialists can always promptly react to questions and provide solutions. Your treatment plans and objectives can always be safely achieved with orthocaps and your patients will be enthusiastic about the innovative aligners.

Added value

You can positively increase your added value via high-quality teeth alignments for adults and teenagers with orthocaps. You are supported in this with the persuasive advantages of the Twin Aligner® system, particularly for tooth alignment in adults. As a certified orthocaps practitioner, you also benefit from strategic orthocaps advertising tactics and marketing success on an international level.