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Certification courses

Orthocaps user training and certification courses

Course Outline:

Advantages of the TwinAligner® System

– Treatment options:

  • Orthocaps® PRO
  • Orthocaps® NOCTIS
  • Orthocaps® KIDS
  • Orthocaps® TEN
  • Orthocaps® TEN&TEN

- Case submission on the Internet Portal

- iSetup® – The interactive 3D Simulation Treatment Planning Software

- Clinical cases

- Pre-formed Attachments (tooth colour matched and pre-filled in template)

- BiteMaintainer – An optional silicon based finishing appliance for perfect occlusion

- Hybrid Aligner Treatment (HAT) combines aligners and partial fixed appliances when treatment with aligners alone is insufficient.

- Treatment Monitoring with the state-of-the-art 3D Treatment Evaluation Reports using optical metrology

Online Certification Requirements:
Please download the free Zoom software. Headphones are recommended. If you would like to participate in the Q&A sessions during the course, a microphone is recommended as well. An Apple headphone with a mic or the Apple Airpods, or a comparable headphone that connects to your computer or laptop will work as well.


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