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Frequent questions from practitioners

Most frequently asked questions

What advantages does the orthocaps tooth alignment system offer practitioners?

As an orthocaps practitioner, you benefit from many advantages. orthocaps offers you as a practitioner a tooth alignment system with a future, intensive training, individual support and high added value. With orthocaps aligners, you offer your patients an attractive solution to straighten misaligned teeth and thus a better quality of life. They meet today’s demands with regard to aesthetics, efficacy and pain-free treatment. You form a trust relationship with your patients and gain new patients with our invisible orthocaps aligners.

What is the orthocaps Twin Aligner® system?

The orthocaps Twin Aligner® system is a high quality double tray system to regulate malpositioned teeth. The first ever use of two different, coordinated plastics and two different aligners during one treatment step sets the orthocaps Twin Aligner® system apart.

What do I need to do to be able to use orthocaps?

In order to become an orthocaps practitioner, you can become certified in one of our training sessions offered throughout Germany. You will find more information and a schedule of our upcoming training events here.

Does treatment with orthocaps aligners work in all patients?

Orthocaps aligners have already made it possible to achieve very good treatment results in a large number of patients with various orthodontic problems. Orthocaps aligners are suitable for the correction of most malpositioned teeth. 80 to 90% of malpositioned teeth can be treated with orthocaps. This applies to tooth alignment in adults as well as teenagers.

How much does tooth alignment with orthocaps cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of orthodontic treatment with orthocaps is about the same as that of treatment with traditional metal braces. Your treatment plan also forms the basis for the individual cost plan for orthocaps treatment. Based on experience, the average cost of tooth straightening is about 1500 to 5000 euros.

What kinds of cases can be treated with orthocaps?

A large number of different types of tooth misalignments have already been successfully corrected with orthocaps aligners, the removable braces. For example: deep bite, open bite, over-closure, impaction, overlap, class 2 malocclusion and crowding with compression of the dental arch. orthocaps can be used to treat malpositioned teeth as well as irregular upper and/or lower jaw positions.

Service for practitioners

What services does the orthocaps service include?

The orthocaps service is based on sound and experienced consulting by our orthocaps specialists. Certification courses and practitioner meetings solidify your know-how concerning orthocaps. For the entire duration of treatment, you are individually, promptly and reliably looked after by our orthocaps competence team.

I have questions about the orthocaps product and need an individual consultation. Will I be assigned a contact person who takes care of my case completely individually?

All of the advice and support from orthocaps is individual and personal. Each employee is a part of a team made up of qualified specialists in orthodontics, dentistry, production and consulting. In this way, each employee can answer your questions in a completely competent way. If you so desire, we would be happy to provide you with a contact person. Our orthocaps specialists are there for you daily. Short reaction times are the highest priority in our company.

How does the transmission of data to orthocaps take place?

Data are transmitted to orthocaps using a modern tele-medicine process. A portal developed by orthocaps enables fast and uncomplicated communication with orthocaps.

What is the course content of the orthocaps certification training?

The courses in the orthocaps certification training include the following subjects: Introduction to the orthocaps aligner system, advantages of the dual aligner system: softoCAPS/hardCAPS; dayCaps/nightCaps; MxD, case presentations, explanation of the orthocaps web portal, interactive setup (isetup). In this way, you can provide the best possible advice to your patients about our braces for adults.

What does the orthocaps system offer?

In addition to the possibility of virtual communication with our specialists, the advantages of the orthocaps system developed by Dr Wajeeh Khan include planning reliability and control of each treatment, communicative comfort as well as the use of state-of-the-art technology options.

How is the quality of orthocaps guaranteed?

Selected materials, a product concept that has been tried and tested in practice and reliable practitioner support are proven orthocaps quality characteristics. We always conduct strict quality controls so that the high quality of orthocaps is ensured in the long-term. The materials used are also subject to quality controls, as is the manufacturing process and of course the finished product, our innovative aligners.

About the aligners

Where are orthocaps aligners manufactured and where can they be obtained?

orthocaps were developed in Germany and are now used throughout the world. Thanks to first-class infrastructure, highly trained specialists and a vision that was born in Germany, orthocaps are a product that is truly “made in Germany”. Patients receive orthocaps aligners from our trained and certified orthocaps practitioners. You as a practitioner receive orthocaps directly from us, Ortho Caps GmbH, in Hamm.

How long do orthocaps generally take to produce?

The production of orthocaps aligners generally takes two weeks after submission of your documentation up until manufacturing including the iSetup (3D simulation), and after your treatment approval, another two weeks for the final production of the dental trays.

How long should my patients wear orthocaps aligners daily?

Your patients should wear the orthocaps aligners 20 hours per day (except for the MxD system). orthocaps aligners can be removed during meals and when cleaning the teeth.