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    • Intelligent

      With hardCaps during the day and softoCaps at night, orthocaps
      ingeniously and flexibly adjusts the pressure to your day-to-day requirements.

    • Practical 

      The easy removal of orthocaps for eating, cleaning the teeth or
      changing the transparent trays leaves you a great deal of freedom in your daily routine.

    • Custom-made

      orthocaps are individually and precisely custom-made for each patient.
      orthocaps combine precision and perfection and are made in Germany.

The classic and PRO Twin Aligner systems

Two times the power, one result: Your beautiful new smile!

With the innovative Twin Aligner® system by orthocaps, you have not one but two allies in your corner to straighten your teeth. We mean the two clear dental trays that use gentle force to push your teeth into the right position during the day and at night. The different materials of the Twin Aligner® dental trays are perfectly adapted to your needs:

during the day, a thin, flexible aligner provides you with the comfort you need. Whether at work, with your family or during your free time, the day-time aligner will stay comfortably with you. In addition, the clear dental tray provides you with a discreet form of tooth alignment. Your daily life will not be negatively impacted by conspicuous brackets or metal braces.

At night, the gentle force and regulating effect of the night-time aligner take over. Your body rests and you are less active. That also means that your jaw muscles are not subject to as much force. The night aligner adapts to this situation perfectly and acts on improperly positioned teeth with less force.

orthocaps Twin Aligner®

A treatment system with many advantages

Extremely comfortable to wear

Our Twin Aligner® systems are clear and lightweight. All orthocaps aligners are made without any metal. The use of soft plastics and the fact they are easy to use help create a positive attitude to the aligners: orthocaps clear braces are hardly noticeable and become a practically invisible part of your life, making them very comfortable to wear.

Pain-free treatment

In traditional tooth alignment, very high force is exerted on each individual tooth in the jaw. This can cause pain, at least in the initial phase. The tooth straightening concept of the orthocaps Twin Aligner® is based on the effect of gentle force. Less pressure is exerted on the tooth, resulting in pain-free tooth alignment.

Perfect fit

Your orthocaps aligners are individually custom-made for you. The invisible dental trays combine precision with perfection. At the beginning of treatment, your orthodontist will take dental prints. These will serve as an adjustment model for the first clear aligners. During the course of treatment, orthocaps Twin Aligners® are made for you step by step and always exactly according to the treatment plan.

State-of-the-art technology

Our orthocaps aligners are manufactured with high-performance materials and state-of-the-art technology. The result is highly effective tooth alignment. In addition, the tolerability of the materials in our dental trays is guaranteed for you as a patient, as biocompatible plastics are used. We are aware of the responsibility that we have to our orthodontists and patients.

Made in Germany

The orthocaps Twin Aligner® System was developed in Germany for use worldwide. First-class infrastructure, highly trained specialists and a vision that was born in Germany make orthocaps a product that is truly “made in Germany”. Your orthocaps Aligner is produced on-site in our manufacturing plant in Germany. This ensures short delivery routes and the ability to react to changes on short notice.

The interplay between the different forces within the orthocaps Twin Aligner® system leads to exceptionally precise tooth alignment, without limiting you in your daily life. The aligners gently and invisibly adapt to your natural everyday routine. Discreet but powerful: that is the motto of the orthocaps Twin Aligner®.