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    • Intelligent

      With hardCaps during the day and softoCaps at night, orthocaps
      ingeniously and flexibly adjusts the pressure to your day-to-day requirements.

    • Practical

      The easy removal of orthocaps for eating, cleaning the teeth or
      changing the transparent trays leaves you a great deal of freedom in your daily routine.

    • Custom-made

      orthocaps are individually and precisely custom-made for each patient.
      orthocaps combine precision and perfection and are made in Germany.

The classic and PRO Twin Aligner systems

Two times the power, one result: Your beautiful new smile!

With the innovative Twin Aligner® system by orthocaps, you have not one but two allies in your corner to straighten your teeth. We mean the two clear dental trays that use gentle force to push your teeth into the right position during the day and at night. The different materials of the Twin Aligner® dental trays are perfectly adapted to your needs:

during the day, a thin, flexible aligner provides you with the comfort you need. Whether at work, with your family or during your free time, the day-time aligner will stay comfortably with you. In addition, the clear dental tray provides you with a discreet form of tooth alignment. Your daily life will not be negatively impacted by conspicuous brackets or metal braces.

At night, the gentle force and regulating effect of the night-time aligner take over. Your body rests and you are less active. That also means that your jaw muscles are not subject to as much force. The night aligner adapts to this situation perfectly and acts on improperly positioned teeth with less force.

The MxD aligner system

Invisible treatment of malpositioned teeth for discerning teenagers

Dealing with their teeth is usually a torment for children and adolescents. Dental care or pain, functional disorders, crooked teeth or fear of the next dental appointment - these are all things that children as well as adults would love to do without. This generally becomes much worse when tooth alignment needs to be tackled. The orthocaps experts are aware of this problem and have therefore developed removable braces especially for children and adolescents: the MxD orthocaps aligner.

A decisive advantage of the MxD system is that your child only receives a dental aligner to use at night and is therefore not restricted in any way during the day. In the morning, the non-fixed braces are simply removed before school or other daily activities. The MxD aligner is generally put in after the last meal and subsequent tooth cleaning and then worn for approximately 12 hours. The aligners are changed and adjusted again every four weeks.

At the end of the treatment phase (which is generally after wearing eight aligners), either the retainer dental aligners provided can be used or the second treatment phase can be started directly. Your orthodontist will give you advice about this, and the procedure to be followed will be geared towards the development status of the remaining teeth. The bottom line: removable braces are the best alternative to traditional non-invisible braces for teenagers and children.

Orthocaps BiteMaintainer®

The concept of combining techniques and appliances to construct treatment options that are both effective as well as invisible, are well known to orthodontists. Such techniques are not only limited to active treatment but also hold good for finishing and retention.

The orthocaps BiteMaintainer® is a positioner type appliance made of dental silicon. For cases treated with the orthocaps system the clinicians only need to submit a cephalometric x-ray together with a centric bite. The construction bite for the appliance is taken in the CAD software after locating the hinge axis of the mandible. This method not only saves time for the clinicians but also enables the registration of a more accurate construction bite than traditional methods. No face bow registration and mounting of models in an articulator is required.

BiteMaintainer® can be used as a retention device as well as an appliance for finishing cases in perfect occlusion. In contrast to aligners that interfere with occlusion and can cause posterior open bites, the Bite Maintainer allows a maximum intercuspidation and is also useful in maintaining the correct anteroposterior jaw relationship.

Hybrid Aligner Treatment (HAT)

The new concept of the hybrid aligners is based on the idea to integrate and plan aligners with fixed appliance modules before the treatment begins to create a composite aesthetic appliance. This method allows the simultaneous use of two conceptually and mechanically different appliances in order to create an effective strategy to achieve better clinical results.

The treatment plan in this technique can be used to define the exact time and modality of using fixed appliance auxiliaries (mostly lingual) in conjuncture with aligners, to assist tooth movements that would be otherwise too difficult, or take too long, or would be impossible to achieve with aligners alone. The bulk of the movement is still achieved with aligners while auxiliaries are used as needed to mainly assist the aligner movements.