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Our commitment

Our commitment

Competence... and passion

Ortho Caps GmbH has been among the specialists in aligner treatment for almost eight years now. As the company with the first aligner system made of soft plastics for a better clinical result, we are successfully working on the further development of our aligner products with a great deal of know-how and high commitment, among other things in the field of individualised aligner treatment, or customisation. From an organisational standpoint, direct and short paths within the company and to our practitioners make it possible for us to react to changes and the needs of the market within the shortest time frame. Our competence also lies in our efficiency. Not only do orthocaps aligners live up to their required function, in which they achieve optimal treatment results using gentle force, but they also meet the highest standards with regard to aesthetics and the desire for comfortable tooth alignment in both adults and teenagers.

Knowledge and experience

orthocaps possesses extensive know-how and experience. Each employee is a part of a team made up of qualified specialists in orthodontics, dentistry, production and consulting. Continuing education and dialog with practitioners helps us to constantly improve.

We share our competence with you

Since the transfer of knowledge is beneficial to you, we place special value on the understandable and continual transmission of our competence. We guarantee orthocaps practitioners regular training, expert advice and constant support.

We know your needs

orthocaps therefore meet the standards of practitioners and the desires of patients in equal measures. Practical knowledge, specialised skill and knowledge of people lead to an organic product: orthocaps - developed by orthodontists, designed for patients.

State-of-the-art technology

Thanks to the use of high-performing materials in orthocaps aligners as well as state-of-the-art technology for their manufacturing, we have succeeded in meeting the needs of our clients and their patients. And what helps patients is good for the practice.

Progress as a program

We explore optimisation potential and test product improvements. New methods and techniques complete our ever logical, responsible and consistently tried-and-true orthocaps processes. For this, we don’t just ask what is feasible. We want to be better.

Committed to flexibility

Today’s dynamic work environment forces practitioners to react quickly and individually to demands. From planning to manufacturing and on to personal support, it is our job to be highly adaptable.


The quality that you love

Orthocaps’ strong commitment to quality is an advantage for you as a practitioner. Ingenious materials, that are for example biocompatible and thus very well tolerated, a product concept that has been tried and tested in practice and reliable practitioner support give you the certainty that your patients will continue to appreciate. orthocaps invisible braces are a high-tech product for tooth alignment in adults and teenagers.

The brand of satisfaction

The orthocaps brand seeks to impress with a consistently high level of practitioner and patient satisfaction. That is why quality is so fundamental for us. orthocaps quality starts with production and is developed through use.

Passionate about perfection

orthocaps invisible braces, the perfect component for orthodontic treatment, were developed with great attention to detail. Technical achievements have thus been added to our passion for precision. We have therefore been able to create new standards in tooth alignment, without ceasing to conduct further research so that we can offer even better products.

Made in Germany

orthocaps were developed in Germany for use worldwide. The first-class infrastructure, highly trained specialists and a vision that was born in Germany make orthocaps a product that is truly “made in Germany”.

Good advice

orthocaps aligners are only good if you are satisfied with them. Our concept of quality therefore goes far beyond the physical properties of the product. The orthocaps team advises, trains and looks after its practitioners. With considerable openness to your needs, we seek out dialog. 

Quality that lasts

We always conduct strict quality controls so that the high quality of orthocaps is ensured in the long-term. The materials used are also subject to inspection, as is the manufacturing process and of course the finished product.

Connected to nature

The deliberate use of environmentally-friendly materials as well as climate-friendly production processes during manufacturing of orthocaps are very important to us. In this way, we satisfy our responsibility to and desire for a future worth living.


Proximity to clients - our contribution to your success

orthocaps impresses with its quality as well as its reliability and proximity to clients. To perfect your strengths as a practitioner, we are committed to providing practical help and meaningful and knowledgeable support with our services. Allow yourself to be persuaded by our orthocaps products and professional collaboration with our team.

Collaboration with our team. Expert advice

The professional transmission of knowledge is essential to the orthocaps concept of service. Consulting
With orthocaps specialists makes it easier for you to use orthocaps. Questions are answered by experts
with professional expertise.


We take the careful and reliable processing of your order very seriously. Finally, we want
you to feel comfortable with us and to know that we will also be a dependable partner in the future.


The orthocaps certification offer goes beyond the pure transmission of knowledge. We want to provide practitioners with the newest orthocaps products and accompany them so that they can work optimally with orthocaps. We see the potential in an innovative orthocaps treatment in collaboration between orthodontists and orthocaps specialists.

Short reaction times

The efficient and prompt processing of your requests is our highest priority. You can always count on short response times with orthocaps. You can depend on us. You can safely plan.

Individual support

Orthocaps advisors always support and look after you individually.  We are happy to put our experience to work for you. We take your requests seriously and take time for your questions.

Proximity to clients

Identifying and meeting client needs is a challenge that we are happy to take on. Proximity to clients means talking with clients. We are proud to understand you.