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Treatment comparison

Orthocaps treatment comparison

The advantages of treatment with the orthocaps Twin Aligner® system become particularly clear when compared directly to other tooth straightening treatments. See for yourself!

Quality Orthocaps Other aligners Metal braces / brackets
Teeth straightening achieved Yes Yes Yes
Without metal, without wires Yes Yes Metal brackets on the teeth are linked together with wires in order to change the position of the teeth.
Clear, practically invisible Yes Yes Metal brackets and wires are visible.
Very comfortable to wear, but produced with different
Yes No Adjustments to metal braces are sometimes painful. Daily use is uncomfortable.
Two different aligners with mild and gentle force Yes No No
Removable during treatment Yes Yes Fixed braces are only removed after successful treatment.
They cannot be removed during treatment.
Easy care Yes Yes Tooth cleaning is difficult and often not possible in all places.
Natural pronunciation without impairment Yes Yes Pronunciation is sometimes significantly impaired, since the lips and tongue are always bumping up against the brackets.
No restrictions when eating Yes Yes No